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Your best Defense against a criminal offense!  
Charged with a crime? You want to retain a lawyer who has experience in both Litigation and Criminal Defense. Choosing the right Criminal Attorney Defense to vigorously defend You is an important decision. With Attorney Kevin Wayne Rumes, your case will be treated with the seriousness it deserves! Attorney Rumes has experience as both a prosecutor and as a defense attorney, and has earned many outstanding legal victories, along with an excellent reputation as a premier Defense Attorney in the Cleveland area.
Areas of Defense: DWI/DUI/OVI, Traffic Violations/Tickets, Drug Charges,  Drug Abuse, Domestic,  Expungements (Sealing of Criminal Records), Judicial Release, Probation Violations, All Felony & Misdemeanor Criminal Charges.

I Serve All Counties and Courts in Ohio.
Reasonable Rates. Credit Cards Accepted.
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